Dealing with Contractor Frustrations

One of the biggest worries I’ve always had when hiring contractors is the “collateral damage” that seems to come part and parcel with any heavy work on my home. You hire a painter who paints really well but then damages your flooring in the course of his work. Or the landscaping company that installs some great flower beds but leave truck tracks on your front lawn where they drove up to unload their materials.

While we take precautions to reduce and eliminate these issues here are some suggestions for protecting your home when you host contractors:

Don’t assume that they will cover and tape everything. 

Although this will add to your costs, purchase paper and tape and cover, mask the areas that will be in the vicinity of the work being completed. If the contractor goes the extra mile to also tape and cover items then it will decrease the risk for damage.

If its moveable, Move it!

Moving couches and furniture is by no means fun but it can protect your great decor and also increase the speed in which the contractor will finish as it will reduce their need to move things around. If they can spread their work out they tend to be more organized and disciplined as they work.

Create Protected Walk Ways

If you have old boxes and some tape you can create paths where the contractor can come through your front door to the area which needs work. While we like to cover our boots as we leave in and out of home, sometimes it’s not practical when bringing in heavy equipment or fixtures. This will reduce any damage and the time needed in cleaning your home once the job is done.

Plan Jobs Strategically

Decide whether you should get that flooring project done first or the paint work. Speak to both contractors and ask their opinion on who should begin work first to minimize potential damage.

Relocate Pets

You never want to inconvenience a pet but for their sake and the contractors sake, it’s best to find them a comfortable place to wait out heavy work. They’ll thank you for shielding them from the sound of drills, hammers banging and the general sounds of construction.

Make Yourself Accessible

Even with the most detailed quote, in many cases a contractor will run into a situation where your input can make a big difference in their work. If it’s easy for your contractor to get a hold of you, they can share unseen developments with you and get your take on the matter rather than assuming that you’d prefer it done their way.

Can we help with any up coming projects that you have? We tread lightly when we work to minimize the pains of having work done on your home or business. Always feel free to contact us for a free quote.