Electrical Construction

Replacing an old fixture certainly takes some skill but there’s not much creativity in doing it. Remove and replace the fixture and you’re done. Designing and building from scratch takes a creative edge that we are very comfortable with.

Projects are wrought with various constraints both space and budget which is where we find ourselves doing our best work. Here are some additional benefits our clients have enjoyed with our electrical construction services:

  • Project based fees, not hourly rates
  • Smart installation (did the last guy really install the switch behind the door?)
  • Energy saving design
  • Proper project planning for on-time completion
  • Prompt, Courteous electricians
  • Well prepared staff who are always ready to go

We offer extremely fair and competitive rates on our work. It’s important to use a firm that is fully qualified for the specific commercial work you need done. Unfortunately some of our projects have included repairing work done by firms that weren’t properly suited for the job. As a business, we know money is sometimes tight but proper electrical work is the last place where you want to try to cut corners.

Use our form on this page to schedule a no obligation consultation and a professionally crafted quote that is highly itemized and clear. If you’d prefer to talk immediately please give us a call at 703-509-2305.

We’re based in Ashburn, Virginia but our projects cover Maryland, DC, Virginia and West Virginia so reach out to us anytime.